File Extensions or computer file format type

Useful file extension and full Name of the File

ttf-True type font

tif-Tagged Image File
mp3-Compress audio –music file

MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio

MOV-Apple Quick Time Movie file
xml-Extensible Markup Language
asf-Advanced Systems format

dtd-document type definition
flv-Flash Video File

txt-Plain Text File
doc-document file (Word processing file)

swf-Macromedia Flash Movie
pdf-Portable document file

jsp-Java Server Page
rtf-Rich Text format asp Active Server Page
ps-Post script file

php-Hypertext Preprocessor File
dat-Data File

ai-adobe illustrator

jpeg-Joint Photographic Experts Group

jpg-Joint Photographic Group
avi-Audio Video Interleave File is a multimedia container format
cab-Windows Cabinet File
au/wav-Audio file com

DOS- Disc operating system (Command File)
ppt-Power point presentation

cgi-Common Gateway Interface Script
bat-Batch file

css-Cascading Style Sheet
exe-Windows Executable File

csv-Comma Separated Values File
zip. tar, rar, gz, gzip-Compression format

dll-Dynamic Link Library
html-Hyper Text markup language
bmp-Bitmap Image File
gif-Graphical Interchange Format File
png-Portable Network Graphic
ini-Windows Initialization File

mng-Multiple Network Graphic
inc-Include file

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